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The Wonderful World of Blogging

I launched Generosity of Spirit about six months ago – my goal was simple- primarily I wanted to write more. A simple, but scary idea. Writing and putting myself out there in the form of a personal blog for all to read, was daunting, but I was determined to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something for me. After the first few posts, my confidence started to grow and I wanted to explore more and more subjects.

A natural focus of Generosity of Spirt has been veganism and plant based living. As a brand new vegan I wanted a place to explore vegan life, to inspire myself and others. A place to post recipes that would encourage me to cook and experiment. A place to post reviews of local restaurants and hotels supporting vegan food and choices. A blog bringing together everything I am learning and discovering about plant based living.

Another vein of my blog, has been in developing what I call my ‘lifestyle side’ to go alongside my ‘foodie side’, sharing thoughts and opinions and various ways I try to enrich the everyday. Both sides of my blog are growing, and I am certainly finding my style, but it is early days yet!

I love that blogging has become a big part of my life. Each weekend I start thinking about what I could write about… what I have done, what new vegan recipes I have tried, or what places I have been to, or restaurants I have visited…

I think about, what has been inspiring me

So far, each blogpost has come quite naturally. Of course, some blogs are easier to write than others, but mostly I haven’t stumbled much at all, quite the opposite- I have come to really enjoy fulfilling the goal of writing each week. I am a brand new vegan and blogger, and I know I have a lot to learn, but this week I wanted to share what I love about blogging so far, and I also wanted to champion a few of my favourite inspirational vegan blogs.

Why I love blogging…


‘’Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic’’

I have always enjoyed writing, and have kept journals for years and years, but I really needed something that would encourage some discipline and regularity to my writing. Blogging has allowed me to do just that- and my confidence is growing more and more with each new post. I always dreamt of becoming a writer, and for the first time in my adult life, I feel like I’m taking steps towards that goal.


‘’Wake up and smell the inspiration’’

To be inspired is a wonderful thing, but to inspire is one of the best feelings out there. Being a new vegan and a new blogger I have gone out of my way to read everything I can about blogging and veganism. There is so much out there to be inspired by, and I love it. I have relished being able to collate the information I have found, and in turn possibly even inspire people through my blog. It’s a great feeling passing on the knowledge!


‘You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have’’

Blogging allows me to express my creativity. I love thinking of new content and ideas- ways of making topics that are personal to me interesting and unique to others. There aren’t any restrictions when it comes to blogging, you are in total control of your content and how you choose to write. It is a wonderful and freeing feeling- and the more I write, the more that blank page before I have written the first few words, feels less intimidating and more exhilarating.


‘Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching’’

My blog has really encouraged me to learn. There is real magic in opening your eyes and mind to what you encounter each and every day. Thinking and researching more deeply, in order to write about what you have learnt. I have discovered I learn something new each and every week, and long may that continue. My favourite bloggers have taught me so much over the last few months. It is much easier to follow where someone else is leading- certainly at first, but in turn I hope to continue to gain more confidence in myself to keep trying new things. 

My favourite food bloggers

As discussed in one of my previous blogs, ‘My Cookbook Collection’ as much as I love sitting down with my cookbooks and browsing for inspiration, there is something to be said for all the amazing food bloggers out there, creating and sharing so many wonderful and varied recipes. There is simply not enough hours in the day to try all the amazing food these bloggers share, but I love looking at them and feeling the inspiration wash over me. Each of the below blogs make me feel like I can do anything and I really wanted to share them with you!

The Minimalist Baker

If you want fast inspiration, with easy and accessible recipes- The Minimalist Baker is the best. All their recipes require either ten ingredients or less, one bowl or thirty minutes or less to prepare- perfect for quick meals.

Bianca Zapatka

I have talked about Bianca Zapatka before on my blog, I absolutely love her. Her food photography is gorgeous and her ideas seem endless. You can sign up to her newsletter if you want inspiration delivered straight to your inbox!

World of Vegan

World of Vegan is a great website and blog. It has a huge collection of amazing recipes, as well as being a great resource for new vegans with news, informative videos and lots of handy tips.

Simple Vegan Blog

The Simple Vegan Blog is another great collection of recipes, all of them are simple, healthy and vegan. Made with everyday ingredients with easy to follow steps, tips and notes to encourage variations so you can make them your own.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is responsible for one of my favourite cookbooks but her website is also fantastic. It started life as a personal blog and then exploded, in a wonderful way. There is now an app, recipe books, a deli, and a range of plant-based food products – and yes, there are still loads of lovely plant-based recipes to peruse!

The Little Blog of Vegan

The Little Blog of Vegan by Holly Jade is inspiring, full stop. She won Food Blogger of the year in 2017 and has even been on the cover of Vegan Food & Living magazine. She posts more sweet treats and dessert ideas, and they all look so amazing, just devouring the photos is sometimes enough!

Ela Vegan

El Vegan is a fantastic website, full to the brim of yummy vegan food. Showing that eating plant-based food is healthy, delicious, and good for our bodies and for our planet.  Her goal was to spread the vegan message and inspire people from all around the world with her easy to follow recipes- great for beginners!

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is another inspiring website celebrating the love of plant-based food. In addition to being meat and dairy-free, most of her recipes are free of gluten, soy, and processed foods. Perfect, as I continue to try and eat less processed vegan junk food!

The blogging and food blogging community is massive and I feel so lucky to be able to draw on so many for inspiration and guidance. I have a long way to go and a great deal more to learn but my first few steps into the blogging world have been great, and I hope to continue to grow and learn with each new blog I write.

And I don’t know about you… but I have an overwhelming urge to get in my kitchen and cook something!

love Em-Gem xxx

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