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Little Pie Patisserie: Review

Vegan Afternoon Tea

Lockdown has been so tough for everyone, but it has also encouraged us all to slow down, and take stock of our blessings. Being stuck at home can feel frustrating, but I think most of us have embarked on ‘house missions’ – that DIY job that we have been putting off, decorating, sorting and tidying, clearing our gardens. We seem to have a little more time to really create our own space and enhance our homes, afterall our homes have been everything over the last few months. Our office space, our chill environment, our dining, our holidays, our gyms- we have made our homes work for everything we have needed during lockdown.

One of my favourite transformations of our house over lockdown, was the weekend of our Third Wedding Anniversary. We had intended (before lockdown) to go away for the weekend but thinking about an Anniversary at home – we were determined to make it special and different from every other weekend!

One of the highlights of the weekend – without a doubt was our locally made Vegan Afternoon Tea which was delivered to our door on Saturday by the amazing Little Pie Patisserie.

It was glorious! I am a big fan and regular visitor of Afternoon Tea experiences in various restaurants, hotels and tearooms up and down the country, I feel like I have tried them all! But I actually found the anticipation even more exciting, from ordering to waiting for the delivery itself! I loved the idea that we had collaborated in a way, between Little Pie and their insanely delicious food and gorgeous presentation, then being thrown into our very own setting and celebration with our personal stamp at home- it was the best fun preparing everything (as well as tasty)!

Vegan Afternoon Tea

A Selection of Sandwiches & Rolls:

Red Pepper & Walnut Spread with Rocket

Coronation Chickpea

Veggie Sausage & English Mustard

Avocado, Spinach & Basil

Savoury Treats:

Spinach & Pine Nut Stuffing Sausage Rolls

Tomato Pesto & Chilli Pastry Swirls



(from a choice of Plain and Fruit Scones)

Fruit Scones with Homemade Jam


Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

Banana & Walnut Slice

Fresh Strawberries

The Afternoon Tea Box was delivered to our door within a pre-arranged time slot. The box looked so full and deliciously inviting. Each sandwich was individually wrapped, the cupcakes stood safely in a cardboard holder, with everything else perfectly positioned in this beautiful presentation box.

After staring at it in wonder for a few minutes, we popped the box in its entirety into the fridge, as we planned on having it a couple of hours later.

My Husband had got me some beautiful rainbow roses, and I used some of the petals to decorate our dining table. Against a red and white gingham cloth, it was all starting to look quite beautiful. We had invested in a slate three-tier Afternoon Tea stand and used some of our other slate boards to arrange the Afternoon Tea table… I wanted to put all of the food on the table, even though I already knew we were never going to finish it all in one sitting!

I set the table so it was all ready to go and we went out onto our decking in the garden and opened a bottle of prosecco. The sun was shining, we had a suitably romantic ‘classic love songs’ playlist on through Spotify, and with our Afternoon Tea in the fridge, and a cold glass of bubbles in our hands… It was hard to imagine being any happier or more content, any place other than home.

We sat outside reminiscing about our Wedding Day three years ago- an hour or so soon passed and we were ready for food!

The food looked so beautiful, it didn’t take much to make it look impressive and irresistible! Obviously the keen ‘food photographer’ and ‘food instagrammer’ in me, was in heaven! Without a restaurant or tearoom full of other customers, it was only my Hubby who had to put up with my incessant mobile photography! I was soon satisfied after the 100th photo, and we sat down with some Champagne and dug in!

The sandwiches and rolls were beautiful, as vegans we often get the same old flavours, but Little Pie have created some individual and perfect flavour combos- I particularly loved the Red Pepper & Walnut Spread with Rocket, and Hubby’s favourite was the Coronation Chickpea sandwich. As we are, by and large more savoury people, we polished off the sandwiches without too much trouble!

The Spinach & Pine Nut Stuffing Sausage Rolls were genuinely some of the best vegan sausage rolls I have ever had, and I would happily just order a batch of them – every week! And the Tomato Pesto & Chilli Pastry Swirls were perfection- the chilli was delicate but gave a really nice background heat.

By this time, we were getting quite full… generously Little Pie serve four scones in their Afternoon Tea Box. We were given the choice of plain and fruit, and we chose fruit. We have had a good few fails when it comes to vegan scones. One stand out, was a restaurant that served us half melted ice cream instead which was quite dissapointing, especially as we all know how important scones are in an Afternoon Tea feast! Little Pie, as far as I am concerned have not only perfected vegan scones, but actually have the best I have tasted in a long time (and even though The Assembly House scones are amazing too, I am giving Little Pie the edge here!!!).

After a little break we were onto the sweets- I actually didn’t care how full I was- the cupcake was no trouble at all. The icing was smooth and silky, and the fresh strawberries and blueberries were crisp and refreshing. The cupcake sponge itself was airy, and light. I know where I am going next time, I want a cupcake fix!

We did have to save our Banana and Walnut Slices until the next day but they were still delicious the day after with a cuppa. The little chocolate chips really made them for me and they were just as fresh and tasty (as were the other scones!).

You maybe able to tell by now, that we were beyond impressed. I had no idea Little Pie Patisserie existed before lockdown and the discovery as well as this exquisite Afternoon Tea are now firmly on my ‘good things to come out of Lockdown’ list.

I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what excuse I should give to order again.

My advice… Just do it friends… this Afternoon Tea was a bargain at £30.00, the service was quick and efficient and most importantly friendly. The Afternoon Tea itself was no doubt, simply the best we have ever had! Incredible value for money and really tasty! Obviously I am championing their vegan offerings, but they do cater for all foodies, meat eaters to vegans! And not just Afternoon Tea but a selection of sweet and savoury options too.

It turns out – an ‘At-Home Wedding Anniversary Celebration during Lockdown’ is pretty brilliant when you have Little Pie supplying the food!

You can find Little Pie Patisserie on Instagram (@littlepiepatisserie), Facebook (Little Pie) or email direct at

love Em-Gem xxx

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