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What to do with your downtime, recharge your energy, focus, and find your motivation

We all look forward to our downtime. Whether it’s an evening, a weekend, a personal day, a holiday, or a plan with friends or family. We count the hours until we finally get a stretch of free time and can make our time truly ours. Don’t we all just relish the idea of not setting an alarm clock? Or the excitement of a special meal, night out or even the simplicity of having a movie night at home.

A day at home can be just as enjoyable as a day out, and our days off are valuable to us in so many ways.

Unfortunately, sometimes our downtime can fail to live up to our expectations, they fly by in the blink of an eye, or you berate yourself for not using the time more wisely… and before you know it you are starting the count down again.

We all need to recharge and there are plenty of ways we can make the most of our downtime, whether we have five minutes, half an hour, a day, a weekend or a week off…


1. Handle those errands!

Sure, days off are for relaxing and having fun – and yet the reality is that most of us have unavoidable things to do, like the washing or the cleaning. I have always tried to get my errands, and jobs done as early as possible on a day off. Maybe dedicating the morning hours between 9-11am to straightening up the house, tackling the washing or going shopping. Keeping these jobs in check and confined to one part of your day can help prevent the errands taking over your entire day.

2. Get yourself moving.

One of the best things to do on your day off is to get up and go! We all know exercise is good for us, but it is also great for boosting our mood and wellbeing. If you enjoy working out at the gym or biking – great! If not, remember that any movement is better than being still all day. A little yoga, a walk – a dance around your kitchen! Anything that gets you up and moving. You will feel good for it.

3. Find your own way of recharging.

Find your way of recharging and your favourite way to use your downtime. Cooking is a favourite of mine- planning meals and trying out new recipes. I’ve also always enjoyed art and specifcally colouring books- colouring is not something you have to leave behind as an adult! Most of us need a mixture of people and plans, with a good chunk of ‘alone time’ to rest and relax. Don’t let others pressure you into “relaxing” in a way that is actually stressful for you.

4. Make time for a treat.

Always make time for a treat… big or small. Taking a bath or an extra-long shower, enjoying a delicious snack, watching a new movie or curling up with a book. I love bubble baths, my sister gifted me some LUSH bubble bars and bath bombs for my Birthday and they are perfect for ‘upgrading’ your bath and making it ever more indulgent- bonus all LUSH products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Even if you can’t spend the entire day doing what you love, don’t let that hold you back from dedicating a little time to simple pleasures that make you smile.

5. Lastly, do what you can to unplug and enjoy the day.

This is a tough one… and I do feel more than ever, I seem glued to my phone or the TV- it is a tough addiction to break. But it can feel wonderful to put your phone aside and turn the TV off and just enjoy some other things, like listening to music, reading, writing, doing some art- or even doing a puzzle!

Today’s Little Moments


Tomorrow’s Special Memories…

love Em-Gem xxx

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