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BrewDog Norwich. Restaurant Review

It is no secret that I love eating out in restaurants. Since going vegan I have discovered so many brilliant places, and I have also rediscovered some old favourites too.

Restaurants are great. You’ve got to love cracking open a new menu, or discovering a ‘new favourite’ dish, settling down as regulars or walking in to somewhere brand new! I love the familiar big chain restaurants, and the charm of local independent gems, which we are spoilt with in Norwich. I love being with friends and family- uninterrupted, with no TV or distractions. I love taking time over a meal- talking, drinking and enjoying food together. There aren’t many special occasions that can’t be made better with a visit to one of your favourite restaurants.

Food brings people together and with that said … restaurants should be as welcoming as a family home.

Recently, Hubby and I visited BrewDog in Norwich. We have both been many times before, but we have never eaten there together so we were very keen to try- particularly as they have a fantastic selection of vegan food.

We were not at all disappointed. But before I get onto the yummy food, a mention must be made to their staff who go a long way in creating that welcoming environment. They are positive, friendly and so helpful. It makes a huge difference to have great service and it is this, coupled with amazing food and drink offerings, that will ensure people come back time and time again. The atmosphere is informal, comfortable and relaxed. You can visit for a quick drink, or for food too. I’ve never felt rushed at Brewdog, in fact I feel like you could ‘accidentally’ spend hours upon hours enjoying what they have to offer… and best of all, they have an amazing selection of board games… what could be better!?

Making our food choices was actually quite tough! With so many delicious choices- it was hard to choose just one.

The risk of food envy was high!

I went with the Clucky This Time Burger and Hubby wanted to try the Beyond Meat Burger. The burgers don’t come with fries, so we ordered them as sides and as Husband cannot resist onion rings- we ordered them too.

A little while later, one of the bartenders who had taken our order came to our table and explained that the onion rings aren’t normally made vegan, but that the chef was able to do that for us. It is this care and attention that is so valued- that they noticed our vegan choices and realised that the onion rings weren’t following the trend, so came over to double check and, then, that the chef was prepared to tweak them for us!

While we waited, Hubby enjoyed a pint of Brewgooder and I had a glass of white wine. It is worth noting, while obviously famous for their beers- their wine selection is pretty good too, and the bartenders are always happy to help you make your choice, with their knowledge and by giving samples.

One of my favourite moments is when the food comes! It looked amazing, with a huge knife plunged through the centre of the burger holding together all the delicious vegan layers!

Clucky This Time, was not what I was expecting- it was huge! A massive steak of southern fried seitan, with avocado, red onion and vegan mayo in a beetroot burger bun. I don’t eat or cook with seitan very often, but I do really like it. Considering the sheer size of this burger you would expect to feel over full and bloated, and I must admit when I saw the size of the burger, I was worried! I needn’t be- it is an amazing protein, full of flavour but it is low carb and surprisingly light. It was pretty unique, and I would definitely order it again.

Husband’s Beyond Meat burger impressed too- remarkably so. A beyond meat patty, with vegan chipotle slaw, vegan gouda cheese, roasted red peppers, baby gem and pickles in a beetroot burger. All the flavour of meat but none of the texture… I’ve always been on the fence about foods that try too hard to mimic meat, but this burger is perfection. The flavour is robust and with the gooey gouda cheese and accompaniments, it is the quintessential burger we all crave- even us vegans!

Vegan Mondays

So, my only issue was being spoilt for choice, which is no bad thing! Particularly, as BrewDog also offer two for ones on all vegetarian and vegan mains, every Monday- so there is no excuse not to try everything on their menu!

Needless to say, we will be back very soon and I urge you to do the same!

love Em-Gem xxx

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